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Workmen’s Compensation Injuries

Have you ever experienced a slip and fall at work? Or perhaps you’ve experienced equipment failure injuring your back, neck, arms, or legs? Maybe you’ve been in a car crash in a company vehicle? All these are considered workmen’s compensation injuries if they are injuries sustained while on the time clock during work hours. These injuries may cause an person to be out of work temporarily, permanently, or may even cost someone their job; which in turn affects their quality of life, family, and future goals. A person suffering from an injury acquired while at work can seek care in our clinic to obtain relief, co-managed care with their Medical Provider, and expert consulting to obtain optimal health for life!

Our comprehensive Physical Examination allows us to identify injuries sustained to the nervous system, nerve tissue, and ligaments. Our diagnostic test helps us develop individualized treatment plans and identifies the protocols needed to correct the injured tissues, correct muscle dysfunction, and eliminate weakness and fatigue.

The only variable to an individual returning to work as quickly as possible is their commitment to follow the recommended protocols, education and application of our home rehabilitation program, and personal desire to regain optimal health!

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