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Do you think you have scoliosis? Has a doctor diagnosed you with scoliosis? Do you think the only way to correct scoliosis is through extensive and invasive spinal surgery? Did you know that scoliosis can cause immediate organ dysfunction, arthritis, and neurological deficits that cause disease? Ninety five percent (95%) of scoliosis is caused through daily functions such as trauma, muscle asymmetry; poor ergonomics at work, repetitious movements like bending, wearing heavy backpacks, etc.

Your Scoliosis correction protocols utilize here in our clinic has been proven with research and studies
that achieve 90 to a 100% correction and stabilization.  The protocols stop the process of arthritis, neurological deficits, and disease development.  These scoliosis protocols allow patients to obtain and maintain a healthy, strong, and stable spine for 20-30 years which ensures optimal health!  The protocols use joint manipulations of the spine, pelvis, legs, and neck to help with subluxations.  Studies have shown if there is more than two millimeters (2 mm) of misalignment in any bone of the spine and these misalignments go uncorrected, structural instability and weakness will continue which that over time will turn into disease and even organ dysfunction. Our spine is like our teeth, in the sense that Dentist have to put braces in our teeth’s to correct the misalignments, we cannot self-correct our spine; we need a Chiropractic Doctor to put those misalignments or subluxations back into place in order to have optimal function of our body’s innate energy flowing properly through our entire system!   

The Power that makes the body… heals the body!


Structural remodeling or scoliosis rehabilitation is done through traction and body orthotics to remove any spinal cord or nerve root compression (subluxation). Pain in your body only occurs after 40% of Dysfunction in Organs and Tissue has already happened. If you are in pain, your nerves are inflamed and your nervous system is already in crisis!

Finally, spinal strengthening is achieved to strengthen the muscles that support the spine, neck, and pelvis through our rehab programs to help you live a better quality of life. How long would it be ok, for YOU or your son, daughter, mother or father to have a nerve, which goes to a major organ like your heart, or lungs pinched (or subluxated) not allowing the proper energy to go through? Can you imagine what can happen??? Heart attack, asthma attack, kidney failure, high blood pressure, migraines, etc.

Please don’t wait! Let Doctor Rocco help YOU and your family live a better quality of life! Make an appointment today!

Answers About Scoliosis

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