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Running and Sports Injuries


Is your daily run filled with a nagging hip, knee, or ankle pain? When you run, whether on-road or off-road, do your hips, knees, or ankles feel as though they are going to give out? Do you eagerly anticipate your outdoor activities and active lifestyle but find you fear the physical suffering you experience afterwards, causing you to shorten your activities or even eliminate your favorite activities? Do you wonder why your chronic pain doesn’t ever go away even with constant rest, ice, bandages, or braces?

There is a good reason why members of our Olympic Team come see Dr. Rocco! We have the sports injury solutions for you that not only help you regain your active lifestyle but your enjoyment in your daily activities! Our sports injury corrective protocols utilize digital diagnostic testing to determine structural instability, ligament, and muscle damage. Our Doctors are experts in the field of sports injuries related to extremities. The protocols we utilize focuses on treating the cause of the structural injuries and not the symptoms (i.e. pain or stiffness though we also address the symptoms), which are the result of the injury.

We utilize joint manipulation, structural remodeling of the spine, pelvis, limbs, and muscle re-education to achieve optimal functioning! These protocols have a 95% success rate within three-to-six months but only with the patient’s commitment to corrective rehabilitation.

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