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Posted on 10-12-2017


    Back pain is one of the top 10 complaints of reasons for Americans going to the doctor. Unfortunately, majority of the individuals that go to a family doctor for back pain should know and understand this is not a specialty or their expertise. Their expertise is illness disease and infections. There can be several causes and reasons for back pain. The primary fact that you must know is that pain, if it is new or chronic it can be the cause of compression and damage of a nerve over 40%. Why is that significant? Because your nerves run between your joints, your organs and your muscles. The nerves control all of our oxygen blood and energy for our organs muscles and cells. So if you have a fall or you get hit in a sports event or unfortunately get into a car accident or even sleep funny and a nerve or multiple nerves get pinched, expect dysfunction and deficiency of functioning of your organs and/or muscles.

Let’s say you have acute shooting electric pain that might be in a small local area or shoot down your arm or leg. Most likely, it’s a pinched nerve. Here’s a good rule: If our nerves conduct electricity and energy and you feel electricity, shocking sensations, numbness, tingling, or a weakness expect a nerve is being pinched or damaged.

Another example may be chronic pain. If you feel muscle soreness, motion restriction and swelling. Refer back to the previous rule. What most likely is happening is one or multiple joints have shifted out of place. The joints are now unstable. Muscles are trying to stabilize the unstable joint and at the same time the nerves that run through the misaligned joint. Is getting pinched and damaged. The last type of back pain people may experience is organ pain achy and it may come in waves. This could be caused from excess fecal matter in the intestines and colon kidney infection, kidney stones, menstrual cramps, hormone imbalances, and abdominal herniations. Most of these are still directly caused by nerve pinching damage and nerve dysfunction. Most likely in the spine and pelvis.

You’re in luck! Your solution is fairly simple. Go to a chiropractor get an exam. Get treatments to get the nerves so that they are not pinched and damaged get oxygen blood and energy flowing back into your body’s muscles in our clinic we see these problems every single week. This is what chiropractors are trained for in their doctoral programs. They have the highest success in treating back pain than any other medical provider. Ignoring it won’t make it go a way. Stretching or trying to strengthen it won’t make it go away. Sleeping it off or taking ibuprofen won’t make it go away. Just take action go to a chiropractic get some treatments and get on a path to good health.

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