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Posted on 08-28-2017


What is a bunion?

A bunion occurs on the inside portion of the big toe, on one or both feet. We are not born with these, these are not fashionable, these are not fun. A bunion is a functional breakdown of the foot mechanics. That means the 28 bones that are in your foot and ankle are not aligned and moving correctly. Commonly shoes that have narrow ends, pointed toe shoes, or narrow toe box shoes with elevated heels and high arch supports will contribute to develop bunions in our feet.

Ladies if the shoe had a hard sole that means the shoe does not flex, such as a lot of high heels, and your toes stay extended. This repetitive walking position will cause bunions to develop. Here is what is really happening, if your shoe has a high arch support or is really supinated (rolling your foot outward), this makes your body want to put forces on the outer portion of your foot.

Now at the same time if the sole of the foot does not move we naturally walk and push off on our first and second toe, causing those toes to hyperextend. The bone in the middle of the foot that connects the big toe to the foot gets pushed inwards to allow the toe to move. Thus every time you walk in inflexible shoes with pointed toes you're contributing to the development of bunions and painful foot problems.

Chiropractic can correct this!

We can adjust and realign all the bones in the foot and ankle. Chiropractic can also correct minor bunions before they become major permanent foot problems requiring foot surgery. Your feet are the strongest most mobile parts in our body but if they are abused they will break.

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