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Posted on 08-25-2017


Ever wonder why the front of your shoulder hurts or the front of your elbow hurts? You could have Bicep Tendinitis. What does this mean? The bicep is the muscle in the front of our arm that is designed to flex or bend the elbow while supinating your hand. This means when you bend your elbow, your bicep rotates your hand making your palm face upward. The bicep also flexes the shoulder which raises the arm up to about shoulder level.

Imagine after a long day of cleaning, holding a baby up for a long time, pulling weeds, and getting your work out in you begin to feel pain in your shoulder and elbow. Those activities may have strained the bicep muscle. The tendon is part of the bicep muscle that attaches to the bone. This tendon can often get irritated and inflamed. You can have tendinitis in the bicep in three location since there are three different attachments.



  1. Try to rest and not over work the muscle everyday with multiple movements for  the best results.

  2. Ice the sore areas repeatedly for about 5-7 minutes, which will help to decrease the inflammation.

  3. Stretch the muscle. If it is tight and overworked stretching it will help it to relax and heal.

  4. Get a chiropractic adjustment of the shoulder or elbow if these bones or joints are misaligned it’s gonna cause the muscles to strain with normal activities. Remember this is a chronic condition that takes a while to heal and takes repetitive work to cease the pattern.

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