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Posted on 07-19-2017

Ask yourself!

Do you wake up stressed out and know that work is going to stress you out?

Are you eating your stress for lunch, indulging in large amounts of food?

Are you biting your nails, pulling your hair out, excessively trying to escape to Facebook?

Then you are definitely stressed and have anxiety!

Chiropractic corrective care can definitely save you and help you manage the chaos and stress in your life, family and work. How? Here is the simple physiology. You'r nervous system is the most fragile sensitive tissue in your body. It is as thin as tissue paper. This tissue controls all of our oxygen, blood and energy to all of our organs, muscles and cells. Emotional stress can cause our bones and structure to shift out of place and pinch and compress your spinal cord and nerves. In turn this nervous system goes into a crisis state or survival mode. Now, everyday life, family and work does not stop. As this system is in survival mode, your body has impaired healing, impaired regeneration of organs and muscles. Decreased metabolism, brain fog and memory issues. Why? Your nervous system is just trying to keep your body alive, it is not thriving. Here's the deal, you have to get this nervous system out of a state of crisis. Chiropractic corrective care will be a major stress outlet and resources to allow this nervous system to heal. When your nervous system is healed everyday life will be manageable again, it will be tolerable, it won't drain you and you will be able to move forward and increase your way of life. This care will take a few months to get your system out of crisis, then it will be easy to maintain after that. This allows you another way to fulfill your life's purpose.

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